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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Leeteuk will replace Onew to perform "Ring Ding Dong" with Shinee on this week SBS Inkygayo

Shinee's Onew has been sent to the hospital yesterday to check-up because he was slightly feverish, but the test result is come out today November 7th and he has diagnosed with the swine flu and currently is resting at home.

Because of this, Leeteuk will replace Onew to perform "Ring Ding Dong" with Shinee on this week SBS Inkygayo which will be aired tomorrow November 8th. It is planned that Shinee's Jonghyun, who has recovered completely from the swine flu will also perform on this week SBS Inkygayo.

original article is here

translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

may take out with full credits

Shinee ft Yesung - Ring Ding Dong (Music Bank 6/11/09)

[Eunhyuk] Photo Entries (06/11/09)

2009.11.06 03:37SUPER JUNIOR.
Without noticing, a time span of 4 years has quickly passed.
A time that has been short, but at the same time not that long….
I'm looking back on the path on which we aimlessly came running on.
And I think, how did we come running down this kind of path?
I also caught a glimpse of the road on which I want to return on.
However beginning with 12 confirmed members,
If it wasn't 13 members now, I don't think I would have ever been able to…
Run down this road alone.
The longest time I've spent together with members is 10 years, the shortest being 4 years…
They've changed a lot. Even in my opinion, they've grown old ^^;
They have changed in a lot of aspects. Of course me too ^^
If there is something that hasn't changed, it would be the words Super Junior carved in my heart…
If my life had a book, I would write in the biggest, thickest writing…^^

2009.11.06 03:48 You're my dinnerrrrr ehehehe
Chicken kalbi I comple~~~~tely love you♥

2009.11.06 03:18
Jardin du Luxembourg.*
Luxembourg Garden!!!
Re~~~~~~ally great. It's a really great place to take a walk and relax.
Because it was so big I couldn't look back at it allㅜ
But…you shouldn't come here alone!!!!
There's a lot of couples here….of course because its a foreign country….they even kiss in the open....
I didn't even feel lonely one bit ^ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ^

*- written in english characters

from: 이혁재 cy
translation: rocket @ sj-world.net
thanks for the paris pic: jelly fish <333

[Hankyung] Cyworld Diary Entry (06/11/09)

Date: 2009-11-06 23:31 Weather: Mood:

The trip to Japan is the first time that I had a good time shopping ever since debut, (it's) very tiring but (it's) very relaxing,,,Keke~~~Today is SJ's 4th anniversary, during these 4 years I have grown a lot, (and) have given a lot too,,but it's really (because of) you there's me today, (I feel) grateful! I will continue to work hard to repay all of you,,,Hope you are all healthy and happy!!! Let's work hard together!!!

I love you all!!!

Source: Hangeng Cyworld
Translated by viragis@SJ-World.net
Take out with full and proper credits

[Leeteuk] 1 Diary Entry + Sidebar Update (06/11/09)

Sidebar Update :

2009.11.05 목(2009.11.06 05:44)

Diary Entry :

..I'm happy..

from: pjs cyworld
translation: rocket @ sj-world.net

[Yesung] 2 Photo Entries (05/11/09)

2009.11.05 12:49
I was surprised ... Namhansansung Jung Myeongsoo

2009.11.05 12:56
Syeongmin Hyukjae Heebong Ryeowook Yessung ^^*

*: originally he wrote: 셩민 흐이짜이 희봉 례욱 예썽 ^^ - idk why he wrote so :\ I can understand Heebong and Hyukjae and Ryeowook, but it's *mysterious* why he calls Sungmin Syeongmin and calls himself YeSSung =.,=

source: YS CY
trans by LaCrymaMosa

edit by Thea
셩 actually translates as "Soong" and is Sooyoung from SNSD's nickname that Sungmin gave her, so it seems Jongwoon has taken it and added it to Sungmin's name to make him SoongMin xD
썽 is a nickname of his since 2004, the members will frequently call him that~ xD Its cute and it used to be Hangeng's nickname for Jongwoon's old cyworld account. I've seen and heard many of the members call him 예썽~

[Kyuhyun] Sidebar Update (05/11/09)

[Leeteuk] 1 Diary Entry (04/11/09)

2009.11.03 화 (2009.11.04 02:59)

it was a tough schedule...it's been hard..ㅋㅋㅋ

But it's November 3rd..wah..already...what..ㅋㅋhow come time flies..ㅋㅋ

Source: Leeteuk's Cyworld
Translated by 你的SUPERgirl @ sj-world.net
DO NOT modify or add your own credits

[Yesung] 1 photo entry (04/11/09)


Title: .

09.11 ... At some mountainous valley ^^

Source: Yesung's CY
Shared by: TrucyLee at sj-world.net

[Ryeowook] Fancafe (03/11/09)

My Handsome Hyungs- ^^

I also want to do it once, on one side passionate, on the other trembling
went so late, sorry~ ^^
Talk about Yesung hyung's voice... ^.^
High-pitched parts completely give you goosebumps~~!!!
Seems very suitable to this role~
Sungmin hyung's...also like this,
The parts where he cries while singing,
How come it also causes people's whole bodies to tremble like this~~!!
Friends who haven't gone to watch it* up to now must go ^^
I love you all superjunior

*This whole message is about the two musicals that Yesung and Sungmin recently starred in

Credits: Ryeowook fancafe, ryeo-wook.com & Fever @ sj-world.net
Please DO NOT modify credits or re-translate